Musical Families Grow Together

Birralee Boppers

At Kids Music Beat – the home of Boppin’ Babies – we believe that musical families grow together. One of the greatest personal rewards I get from Kids Music Beat is watching the little Boppers grow and supporting families to use music as part of this journey.

I love seeing these little tiny bubbas grow into curious toddlers, imaginative pre-schoolers and then onto confident school kids.

I take great delight in knowing that we may have played some small part in helping support families to grow and learn together. Our music groups provide a meaningful social place for families to come together each week and celebrate their musical relationships.

Kids Music Beat is based on the belief that all children are innately musical and that parents are biologically hard wired to use music to help them learn and grow.

Once upon a time we did this intrinsically.

In today’s world, there are many competing factors on our time and interactions with our children, such as work and technology to mention just two (that I personally come up against at least!)

One way to share time with our families is to make music together. These are the moments where magic happens for our little people and their development, but also for you!

Research shows that singing with others, for example, increases endorphins in adult choir members and feelings of positive effect.


At Kids Music Beat we believe that the family that bops together grows together, and goes on to sing together!

Birralee Boppers

In August 2017 three Boppin’ Mums Liesel Higgins, Janice Litzow and Martina Ronsome sang with their children in the Voices of Birralee community choir concert The Young & The Recycled.

The choir was created with Birralee’s alumni and parents in mind, as well as for anyone in the community interested in producing beautiful music, no matter their background.

To end the concert, children of the performing adults joined a mass choir which we are proud to say included Bopper graduates Maddie, Caitlin, Gemma and Noah and Aoife, the big big sister of little bopper Conor.

Both Maddie aged 8 and Caitlin , aged 5 started with Boppin’ Babies when they were little tiny babies and attended our Rockin’ Tots and Pre-Prep Rockstars programs before graduating to the Birralee Piccolos choir.

Maddie also learns singing now with the Music Beat’s music education arm Music Beat Lessons + Tuition.  Maddie and Caitlin also have a little sister Josie, who currently attends Rockin’ Tots group with her parents.

While she is only two, Josie is actually the co-leader of the “Miss Bicky’s” group and I am busy preparing her to take over my business one day. She is extremely musical and musically capable well beyond her years. Josie makes regular special guest appearances at our preschool program each Friday, where she tells the preschoolers how to make music with Miss Bicky.

Musicality and musical confidence comes from being surrounded by music all day, every day

You see, these three girls have very musical parents who do an awful lot of music making and singing in the home too.

Kevin Higgins (Qld POPS)

Kevin Higgins is an Irish musician who specialises in Uillean Pipes, Tin Whistle, and flute playing. He spends his spare time playing with Sásta, an Irish music group.

His list of musical achievements are endless, and he has been an invited guest at many festivals including the Lorient folk festival, the Woodford Folk Festival, and other national folk festivals.

Most recently, Kevin played as a soloist with the Queensland Pops Orchestra, Celtic Spectacular which also featured Birralee Resonance and conducted by Paul Holley.

Liesel Higgins is the “Momager” and general taxi driver for the family’s musical pursuits. Where would we be without the super momagers? Liesel is also an accomplished musician in her own right, having completed her AMus A in flute and an undergraduate degree in music therapy.

And Liesel and Kevin have been boppin with their kids for the past seven years too.

You are the most important musical person in your children’s early lives

While I like to take credit for bringing more music into the world of families and little people through Boppin’ Babies, the truth is, you, the parents, are the most important musical people in your children’s early lives.

They are born ready to hear you sing! They love it when you hold them and rock and coo. And as they grow up they love singing and moving with you.

What happens in the home has lifelong implications and that is why I am so passionate about supporting and empowering parents to make music when they are at home with their children.

You don’t have to be musicians like Liesel and Kevin to pass on these marvelous benefits to your family.

You can come and share with the Boppin’ community and we will support you to make music every day!

I have now been doing this for 10 years. In September we will celebrate our 10th birthday and I hope you and your family can come to share this musical milestone with us!







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