Discover the joy of music classes with your child

We know the profound impact music has on people, having thousands of children experience the joy of music through our group music classes since 2007.

Our human experience is guided by the rhythms and melodies of everyday life. From the  sound of birds calling as the sun rises to the sound of your child calling you as they wake – there is music to be found in everything we do.


When you and your little one take part in one of our Music Early Learning Program music classes – where all music is performed live – you are striking the chords that help your child’s neurocognitive and social-emotional development.

Music Beat Australia Founder, Registered Music Therapist and Research Fellow, Dr Vicky Abad says parents are hardwired to sing to their children and our children are born ready to hear us.

“Music and singing are such powerful tools helping us connect with our children. They are already so musically inclined, because to be human is to be musical. Our groups empower parents and children to embrace their musicality while strengthening the parent-child bond,” she says.

“With three kids we’re very busy and coming to music is the one time I get with my kids where we focus on each other and have fun together without being interrupted.” Anna – Music Beat Kids parent 


Making music with others can help support your baby or child’s ongoing learning. Supported by the knowledge there is science behind why music benefits young minds and Dr Vicky’s own research, we are delighted when we see the way singing, dancing and making music lights up the faces of the little ones who join our groups. It’s pure joy!

Music Beat’s Boppin Babies, Rockin’ Tots,  Mini Mus-Ohs or Pre-Prep Rockstars are, according to Dr Vicky, creating a foundation for a lifelong love of music and building life skills.

“There’s truly so many benefits to showing our children how music can play a role in their life,” she says. “Shared music experiences as a child can shape their future in so many ways. We are proud to play a part in helping parents and children make music a part of their daily routine, giving little people the very best opportunities to sing and flourish.”

Our 40-minute weekly music classes focus on creating a fun and engaging environment, promoting development through musical play, for children from newborn to four years old.

The combination of singing, dancing and playing instruments helps children’s fine motor skill development and supports early childhood learning – all in a way that meets your child where they’re at.

It’s also something you can easily weave into your daily routine with things as simple as:

  • Singing two favourite nursery rhymes or songs while getting breakfast ready. Nursery rhymes reinforce early language development and concept comprehension.
  • Read a song book together before nap or bedtime.
  • Make bath time a breeze by singing songs. Change the words to Farmer in the Dell to “wash the dirty tummy / arm / body part”
  • Sing a favourite lullaby as part of your nightly bedtime routine

And our weekly groups aren’t just for the kids. They’re a place where parents or caregivers can be encouraged in a supportive environment and meet like-minded people going through similar experiences. No parent is an island!


“I started Music Beat Australia so that I had somewhere to share a meaningful high quality music program with my own child when she was four months old,” Dr Vicky says. “I wanted her to experience the magic that is making music and what it felt like to connect with people while making it.”

“From this, our community of parents and children grew and we’ve continued ever since to encourage positive connections within a nurturing learning environment.”

Our team of highly-trained and accredited music therapists, musicians and teachers sing and play music live as a group to help build your repertoire, confidence and create a stronger bond between you and your child.

Each of our baby, toddler and pre-prep groups is teaching children about their world, their surroundings and their emotions. Together we are making meaningful moments between children and their loved ones, and that is an experience we are all richer for having had.


We would love for you and your children to join in the fun. Join us for a trial class at one of our three convenient Brisbane (Bulimba/Balmoral, Holland Park, Nundah) locations.

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