Transform your home with music classes for kids

It seems too simple, but a quick way to bring a positive change to your family home is through music classes for kids. There are many wonderful things you can learn and implement later in the home that benefits both you and your little ones! So why music? Music is one of those things that transcends cultures, interests, and more importantly, age.

As humans, we’re hardwired to love it, and it has myriad benefits on development—particularly in children. But what are some of these benefits and how does Music Beat facilitate them? Let’s take a look!

Lowering the noise, turning up the music

Does it feel like your senses are constantly swamped? No matter where you look, something is happening, begging for your attention? You’d be correct. And if you’re feeling this way, imagine how your little one is doing.

In today’s world, over stimulation is rampant—for both children and adults. We’re bombarded with media, advertisements, news, entertainment, and more. This makes finding a quiet moment to simply be together with your child, where you can both relax, focus on each other, and connect, all that harder.

And it’s not just over stimulation. Instant gratification is now a part of everyday life thanks to  games, screens, the internet and more, and these experiences change the ways we interact with those around us. Part of growing up involves helping children learn how to understand and manage their behaviour, while also learning how to react to situations.

It’s this that helps children understand when and how to stop or start, share, take turns in games, when to focus, and when to relax—crucial skills in everyday life! Constant instant gratification can undermine this ability to regulate.

But we have a solution: we need to lower the noise and turn up the music. And that begins with music classes for your kids. We’ll explain.

A foundation for life 

A child’s brain is like a sponge, constantly absorbing and learning from the things going on around them. As the brain soaks up new experiences, it makes new neural connections leading to neural pathways.

In young children, many neural pathways are yet to be formed, so every new experience helps lay the foundation to build new skills, new understanding, and so much more. This is why babies and young children are so good at learning languages, for example.

The same goes for music. When our little ones hear and make music, their whole brain lights up, much like a Christmas tree. Music is one of the few activities that engages the whole brain, making it a fabulous brain workout for little people!

Live music for live learning

But how do music classes for kids, and Music Beat Kids classes more specifically, help with the over stimulation and need for regulation mentioned above? It works in a number of ways.

Our classes bring you and your child together, in the moment, to experience the magic that is making music together. We play and sing live so that the children can always lead the learning—it is very hard to adapt a pre-recorded session to an individual child’s request or shared story on the day.

Live music also means that children are engaged and making music—they not only hear and see the music being played, but also get to feel the music through the guitar the teacher plays and through the range of instruments they play. They move to the music, sing, vocalise, and interact with others in games. This means, the fun and learning literally doesn’t stop. And it’s all while sharing special time with you!

A curated playlist for fun and the future

Our songs are a mix of traditional and original songs played live. They’re specifically chosen to support child development and the development of self-regulation. Music is also multi-modal in terms of stimulation.

It has just the right level of sensory stimulation required for little brains to light up and little hearts to love. That’s why our classes allow the children to take part directly with the teacher, their parents, and the music. They are also encouraged to sing and play along with their peers in the class.

The magical part of this, is that they learn to listen to others, to follow instruction, work as a team and learn when to stop, wait, and share too. This is where self-regulation skills are modelled and formed.

Through these classes, we can also lay a foundation for future music learning and a lifelong love of music. As we all know, learning an instrument takes time and perseverance.

But, when the joy and reward of making music in early childhood is experienced, it can lead to greater engagement in the harder work of learning an instrument later. The result? A tenfold increase in the child’s personal love of music and their development—learning an instrument supports their education, health, and wellbeing in so many other ways.

Time together is time well spent

As parents, finding the right activities for our children that are both educational and fun can sometimes be a challenge. We also want to be spending time with our kids that is fun and rewarding—after all, they’re only young for so long!

It’s this crossover where Music Beat really shines. Although we do music classes for kids, from babies through to toddlers, our classes aren’t just for the young’uns—parents join in too. This facilitates quality time with your child, and helps empower you, the parent, to be their first and best teacher as you can take the skills you learn in class and implement them in the home. Win win!

For example, you’ll find that children may respond differently to a song than a simple question or request. We have several parents who have used our songs at home to help with tidying up toys, or after mealtimes.

The music turns a mundane task into a fun experience for both parent and child. It also helps the children regulate their feelings about transitioning from one task to another (back to that regulation again!). In the end, it all works to make music part of yours and your child’s everyday life—the ultimate goal!

If you’re curious and wish to incorporate a bit of music into your family home, why not try our ‘tidy up’ song with your child today. We’ve included both the audio and lyrics below.

Tidy up tidy up tidy up let’s go
Tidy up tidy up and don’t be slow
Tidy up tidy up I can’t do it on my own
Everybody tidies up

We offer Music Beat Kids classes at three locations across Brisbane where you can come to a small class with the same families each week. We also run larger free classes in the parks on a weekly basis as part of the Brisbane City Council’s Active Parks Program. It’s a great way to meet the team and learn more about Music Beat and its offerings.

To find music classes near you, feel free to reach out to us. We’re currently taking enrolments for our next term classes and would love for you and your little one to join us! Let’s make music a part of life for everyone.

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