Our History

Music Beat Australia began as an idea of our founder Dr Vicky Abad when her daughter was born in 2006.

Dr Vicky (Miss Vicky to the kids) is a Registered Music Therapist with extensive national and international clinical experience in paediatric and early intervention music therapy and music early learning.

She is a world leading authority in these areas who researches and lectures internationally in these fields. 

Boppin’ Babies

where it all began

Vicky wanted to experience with her little baby the magic that is connecting and engaging through live and interactive music, but there was nothing around that offered what she was looking for.

So she began one informal music group with her mothers’ group friends when her daughter was just four months old. Her friends were so happy with the program that they told their friends.

Watching the babies bop up and down to the music, and learn and grow through musical play prompted Miss Vicky to call the business ‘Boppin’ Babies’.

Time passed and Vicky’s baby kept growing!! Soon she began offering more groups for older infants and toddlers and then pre-schoolers.

As Miss BB grew so did the business. Many of the little boppers also grew up and wanted to continue their musical journey.

Miss Vicky received many requests for music lessons, and was approached by parents and carers for help and to answer questions when they had worries about their child’s development.

Miss Vicky’s team began to grow. We began offering programs to meet the growing needs of families, who wanted to learn an instrument or attend a music therapy program. 

Music is a part of our everyday lives

As the range of services we offered grew Miss Vicky realised there was much more to what we offered than baby groups.

All of our services are now offered under the new business name of Music Beat Australia.

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The home of Boppin' Babies

Our music early learning program helps babies, toddlers and pre-schoolers grow into happy, confident children.

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Music Therapy & Creative Arts

Clinical music therapy and creative arts services for children and adults of all abilities. Childhood development, disability and rehabilitation.

Children's music lessons

Piano, guitar, violin, singing and drama lessons for primary and secondary school aged children. We even offer lessons for parents too!

Musical instruments for play, learning & therapy

We are specialise in supplying music instruments and products for parents, music educators and music therapists.

What's a birthday without music?

We know that your child’s birthday party is a big deal, providing memories that will last a lifetime.

We come to your childcare centre

Music early learning programs for childcare, family day care, mothers’ groups, pre-prep and  kindys.