Music Beat Birthdays

What’s a birthday party without music? We know that your child’s birthday party is a big deal, providing memories that will last a lifetime.

So don’t just have a birthday party – have a Music Beat Birthday!

A Music Beat Birthday provides everything you’ll need for a fun and unique birthday party.

We bring the music to you where children experience the joy of making and experiencing music with us.

They don’t sit and watch, nor are they ‘entertained’ by us, rather they join in and make music themselves, sing songs, play instruments, dance around and have creative fun!

The music group will run for approximately 45 minutes. Sometimes younger children will become tired towards the end of this, so a first birthday party might be a bit shorter.

Whether you are at home, in the park or a local hall, we bring everything you will need including:

  • Live music played by our highly qualified staff
  • A wide range of beautiful instruments for the children to make music with, including a large range of high quality percussion instruments such as maracas, egg shakers, bells, castanets, hand drums, floor drums, guiros, tuned percussion and many others.
  • Props including puppets, ribbons, scarves and bubbles to accompany musical games
  • Lots and lots of dancing and fun body movement activities 

PLEASE NOTE: we cannot offer Music Beat Birthdays during a declared lockdown. We can offer this as an online service.

Please contact us about 3-5 weeks out from your event as that will give us the best possible chance to staff your event.

What we do:

Once you book your party, we will send you a run sheet to help with a smooth and successful party.

We will help you prepare before by providing:

  • FREE PDF invitations and thank you cards if you want them
  • Preparing songs to suit a themed party if requested
  • Help you identify a great music space for the day
  • Send you a link to our Boppin’ Birthday song so you and your child can hear it and be familiar with the song for the big day!

We will arrive at your party with all of our equipment ready to sing and play music!

We will:

  • Provide each child with a Music Beat (Boppin’) Birthday name sticker in preparation for music

    GET STARTED with the music! Play live music that is child centred, including songs your child and their friends like and request
  • Work with the children to ensure the music is always live and in the moment, fun and creative.

We will sing Happy Birthday to the birthday child and if you want to cut your birthday cake at the end of music we will sing and play while everyone joins in and the candles are blown out!

So if you need a unique and fun idea for your child’s birthday party this year, make your next party a Music Beat Birthday. We will make a fun day for the kids and some memories that they will always cherish!

Any questions? We have probably answered them here or in our Terms & Conditions.   

All Boppin’ Birthdays fees are payable in advance, including all equipment and insurance for 30-45 minutes of live and interactive music.

  • $260 for Sundays and Public Holidays (inc GST)
  • $200 for Monday to Saturdays (inc GST)

Our parties are capped at 25 children between the ages of 0-4 years old so that we can ensure that your little one has the best experience.

If you have a birthday party that has more than 25+ children within that age range, please email us and we will let you know some further options

Free PDF Boppin' Babies invitations and thank you cards.

Party bags supplied on request (at additional cost).

PLEASE NOTE: cancellation fees apply if you cancel in less than 24 hours.

Any questions? We have probably answered them here.