World Music Day: Four Reasons to Celebrate Music Education

The benefits of music are alive and well this World Music Day. Celebrated this 21 June, World Music Day was created 38 years ago in Paris, France. Now, the festival is celebrated internationally each year as musicians young and old take to the streets to share their craft together. With World Music Day around the […]

Why Your Child Needs to Learn a Musical Instrument


The joy of music has touched everyone at one point or the other in their lives. Everywhere we go, we are surrounded by tunes and melodies of all varieties. But did you know that learning an instrument has many benefits? The benefits a musical instrument can provide to young children has been extensively researched by […]

How drumming boosts children’s confidence

Drumming classes_djembe-2413970_600X340

Drumming classes are a great way to have fun and boost confidence quickly Did you know that it only takes around five seconds to learn a drum rhythm? This is far quicker than the time it takes to pick up on the rhythms for other instruments. Drumming is an accessible activity for all children and […]

An unexpected beautiful act of giving

Howard Baby Grand

One of the things I love most about my work is the fact that I am giving the gift of music every moment of every day to families. And what a wonderful gift it is to gift. Research shows that music helps little brains to learn and grow, as well as supporting families to lead […]

Five tips to help kids overcome stage fright

My Musical Child offers piano, guitar, violin, singing and drama lessons for primary and secondary school aged children. We even offer lessons for the parents too!

Many parents ask me how to help their children with stage fright and nerves. It is becoming more frequent that children are encouraged to do classroom performances or music nights and dealing with nerves is hard! Even now I still get nervous when I have to perform and even in our community music groups because […]