Why Your Child Needs to Learn a Musical Instrument


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The joy of music has touched everyone at one point or the other in their lives.

Everywhere we go, we are surrounded by tunes and melodies of all varieties. But did you know that learning an instrument has many benefits?

The benefits a musical instrument can provide to young children has been extensively researched by top scientists, and what they’ve found will surprise you!

1. Enhances Listening Skills and Comprehension

While learning to play an instrument, your child spends many hours listening to musical notes and correcting wrong ones. This sharpens a child’s listening skills, which can have positive effects everywhere, from classroom to the home.

As expected, a child learning an instrument will have to learn how to read and understand sheet music. By learning how to translate musical notes on a piece of paper into actual melody, your child will learn how to multitask and understand the importance of listening.

2. Children Who Learn an Instrument are More Disciplined

Every parent wishes their child to focus on their studies and learning. However, researchers have shown that children who play an instrument are much more disciplined. This quality allows your child to focus and learn better!

As an instrument requires many hours to master, children soon become accustomed to spending time to learn. This teaches children that the only way to get good at something is practice, practice and more practice.

3. Builds Teamwork and Improves Social Skills

Once your child learns to play an instrument, they will need to work in group to create music. This builds teamwork and instills empathy and understanding. In fact, you can even join your child in creating music right at home!

With a karaoke system, you and your child can create music together. Karaoke duet songs are a great place to start. Playing an instrument can also develop much needed social skills, as they are often the center of attraction with their musical talents!

4. Improves Intelligence and Creativity

You may have heard that learning an instrument makes you smarter. This is definitely true! Research has shown children who play an instrument are smarter and have a better and more responsive memory. Instruments can teach young children abstract reasoning and basic mathematics followed by an overall increase in brain power.

A study undertaken by scientists has shown that simply learning an instrument can increase IQ by as much as seven points in adults, and even more in young children. This can also have a positive effect on memory and verbal intelligence where it was observed that language came naturally to children trained in music. But that’s not all, further studies indicate that learning an instrument improves creativity as well.

As your child learns to play, they will learn to think out of the box, already improving on their childlike imagination!

5. They Are Much More Responsible

Learning an instrument is much more than simply picking one up and playing it. Once a child begins to learn, they soon have to care for their instrument. This includes cleaning and maintaining it. Along with this, by allocating time to practice, your child learns a valuable lesson in time management.

By understanding how to be responsible for their instrument, your child will learn important lessons in being responsible for their belongings as well as more importantly, themselves. Let your kid choose an instrument of his choice from varieties of musical instruments out there in market like drums, piano, guitar, violin etc.

You’ve just seen how impactful learning an instrument can be on a child. It has numerous benefits and while they may not be the next Mozart or Bach (then again, you can never tell), learning an instrument will set your child up with the development skills they need to become a better version of themselves.

What instrument is your child going to learn?

Music Beat Lessons + Tuition offers piano, guitar, violin, and singing lessons for primary and secondary school aged children. We even offer lessons for the parents too!

Children’s music lesson times are offered before and after school on Brisbane’s northside. Your child will learn musical skills essential for any budding musician!

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Author Bio:

Ronald Ross plays piano and violin and is a voracious reader of musical technology and education. He contributes towards numerous musical development blogs and writes for his own blog loudbeats.org.

He strongly believes that everyone should learn to play at least one instrument in their lives, and we’ve just seen why!


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