How drumming boosts children’s confidence

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Drumming classes_djembe-2413970_1200x800Drumming classes are a great way to have fun and boost confidence quickly

Did you know that it only takes around five seconds to learn a drum rhythm? This is far quicker than the time it takes to pick up on the rhythms for other instruments.

Drumming is an accessible activity for all children and a great way to have fun and boost confidence quickly.

While we all want our children to develop academically, learning social skills and personal development are also crucially important and not to be overlooked!

Additionally, social skills can be difficult to explicitly teach to children. This means that some kids can easily catch on to the “unwritten rules” of social etiquette, while others have difficulty.

The kids who do “catch on” are likely to also have difficulty understanding and applying social skills. It is therefore important to provide children with activities that allow them to practice their team-building skills in social contexts.

In this blog, African Drumming (who supply the Music Beat Shop with our djembes) run through a few key benefits children gain from drumming together.

Develop Collaborative Skills

One fun and accessible activity to help children develop team building skills is drumming.

You may be wondering where the “team” element comes into play. Well, once children have some drumming practice under their belt, you can easily incorporate other simple instruments such as shakers.

Suddenly, the kids are working together to create musical pieces. During these interactions, the kids will quickly realise that they have to work together. If someone is off beat it will impact the song they are trying to play.

As the team gains more experience, the instructor can introduce more variety and switch up the tempos and volume. When every child has an instrument and is working to create the same song, they feel included.

This sense of inclusion is something that they may not be experiencing in the classroom, on the playground, or even in their home life, and can significantly boost confidence.

Boost Confidence & Social Skills

It does not take long at all to catch on to the rhythm of the drums! This means children are quick to find the rhythm and are motivated to continue playing and improve their abilities.

Music is sometimes referred to as a language. For some children, music is a way to communicate with others in a way that they haven’t been able to do before. Drumming itself has been proven to be a great stress reliever.

When kids are in a group setting and drumming, it can actually help with things like anxiety, depression, and loneliness. When these weights are lifted off a child, they are likely to feel more confident in themselves and comfortable in a social environment.

Once the child feels comfortable and confident, they’ll have the opportunity to demonstrate their leadership skills in the workshops and classes by leading different parts of the rhythms.

After more and more practice in these leadership positions, it’s common to see your child generalise this behavior to other aspects of their life like school.

Enhanced Creativity

Creativity is another skill that is difficult to be taught but is critical to a child’s development. If your child is seeking a creative outlet, drumming may be the answer.

When a child is drumming, they will have the opportunity to share their own unique creativity with the group by playing solos. This is another great way for the child to boost their confidence by showing their newfound drumming skills.

Remo drum 01Conclusion

Overall, drumming classes are a great option for children who need a way to release their creative energy outside of the classroom. The benefits of drumming for preschool and school-age kids are substantial.

First, drumming is a relatively easy skill for them to learn.

Second, they’ll get experience working as a member of a team and a leader.

Third, they’ll gain confidence in themselves. They’ll be able to improve their drumming as well as other aspects of their life.

Fourth, they will have a creative outlet that is safe and fun!

About the Author

This article has been written by David Rose from African Drumming. African Drumming are a leading Australian supplier of traditional African Drums. Based in Melbourne, African Drumming also offer a range of drumming workshops for schools, corporate events and more.

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