Five tips to improve music practice

Miss Kelsey’s top five music practice tips: It is a skill within itself to know HOW you practice your instrument when at home. Here are some ideas and tips to hopefully make practice feel a little more directed. 1.  Always plan your practice and time it! Having a goal and idea of what you want […]

Transform your home with music classes for kids

It seems too simple, but a quick way to bring a positive change to your family home is through music classes for kids. There are many wonderful things you can learn and implement later in the home that benefits both you and your little ones! So why music? Music is one of those things that […]

Discover the joy of music classes with your child

We know the profound impact music has on people, having thousands of children experience the joy of music through our group music classes since 2007. Our human experience is guided by the rhythms and melodies of everyday life. From the  sound of birds calling as the sun rises to the sound of your child calling […]

Top Five Kid Friendly Songs For Adults

Here are Miss Cassie’s top five kid friendly songs that adults can love too! I know what you’re thinking, ‘Please, not the ‘shark’ song again!” Don’t worry, I’m totally with you. The ‘shark’ song has its place, but today, let me take you away from your regular children’s songs, and show you a Whole New […]

Self-care during Covid-19

Reflections of a full time working parent during a global pandemic “You can’t pour from an empty cup” – Norm Kelly Good on ya Norm! How true this statement is! As parents well know, being everything and keeping it together for the sake of your children and family is a full time job in itself. […]

Incorporate music into your child’s day to build connection

Toddle is a game-changing child care centre comparison website which allows parents to search, discover and enquire all in one helpful location. In this guest post, Lee Price, Content Editor, talks to children’s behavioural play therapist Julia Challenor about ways to incorporate music in to your child’s day. It’s a natural instinct to sing […]

Six reasons soccer is great for kids

In an increasingly tech-savvy age, physical activity still has a vital role in developing children’s movement and strength. Children should play under the sun instead of on their phones and other gadgets. There are many physical movements and cognitive processes that are undertaken during sport. These develop skills and capacities that will be important in […]

How music helped me cope with postnatal depression

To mark Queensland Mental Health Week (5-13 October 2019) Kids Music Beat group leader Miss Megan shares her story of how music helped her cope with postnatal depression and bond with her baby. Have you ever wondered what it’s really like for other parents? What is happening behind the scenes of those cute little Instagram […]

Top 5 things to look for in a children’s music program

In this blog Dr Vicky shares the top 5 things parents should look for in a children’s music program. In our research work, our aim is to identify consistent traits or elements across different music early learning programs that lead to quality outcomes. Young children involved in music making with their loved ones is chief […]

Why Your Child Needs to Learn a Musical Instrument


The joy of music has touched everyone at one point or the other in their lives. Everywhere we go, we are surrounded by tunes and melodies of all varieties. But did you know that learning an instrument has many benefits? The benefits a musical instrument can provide to young children has been extensively researched by […]