Boppin’ Babies: Newborns to 12 months

We offer a beautiful, gentle, relaxing and nurturing environment that focuses on fostering and supporting your relationship with your baby through musical play.

Our baby groups are multi-model, focusing on the foundations of loving relationships – singing, touching and eye contact.

We provide music in a multi-modal way because we know from the research that this is best for baby.

This approach ensures that little people can experience sensory stimulation and integration without risk of being overstimulated.

Live music allows us to also model to parents the importance of singing to and with your baby for their emotional and cognitive growth and development.

A researched-based music early learning program that supports strong relationships and early childhood development

Our Boppin’ Babies groups have a structure based on well researched music therapy programs that we know supports strong relationships between parent and child and early childhood development.

Our use of live music, and our gentle approach to multi-modal stimulation in a child-led framework is what sets us apart from all other music programs claiming to support the developmental needs of your infant.

We won’t overstimulate your baby

Babies don’t need to be constantly stimulated to learn and grow.

We believe that there is enough ‘busy’ in this world, and music time should be a space where you can slow down, connect and enjoy being in the moment with your baby.

To achieve this, we use all live music, with a strong focus on singing, and experiencing music through songs and moving to music that is led by you, the parent.

Our groups are voice led so that you can easily replicate this in the home.

We provide helpful information throughout the session around early childhood development and how music supports this.

What we do in the baby group

Babies learn through repetition and feel comfortable to explore their world when they know what to expect.

That’s why our baby group structure is repetitive. This structure helps you to learn the songs to use at home.

We balance this each week by introducing new songs, activities, instruments and sensory props within the well-established structure with the favourite songs.

Each music group starts and ends with regulatory activities. This way you (and your baby) learn how you can use music to regulate, sooth and stimulate, not just in our music groups but at home as well.

Then we move onto the important business of making music without overstimulating your little one.

It is very important that babies receive appropriate sensory stimulation opportunities, but it is equally important that they are not overstimulated.

This is why our program is multi-modal: meaning we sing to babies, while providing tactile stimulation and qualities that are important to relationship building.

We touch, massage, bounce, jiggle, cuddle and tickle while singing to our bubs.

Sometimes we use props to touch and tickle that provide different sensory experiences, or we use props to encourage visual and kinaesthetic sensory experiences.

This can include bubbles, parachutes, colours in ribbons or rainbows, sensory balls to touch and feel and many others.

Your baby wants to be held and touched by you

Our baby movement section is all based around dancing with your baby in your arms or lap.

These dances include a developmental focus on your bubs physical and coordination skills, so we do lots of work that enhance gross motor skills, and engage the upper vestibular system (balance) and crossing the middle of their body to engage both sides of the brain in movement activities (cross lateral movement)

We do this with live music that follows the pace of the children. You and bub work together on the therapy balls, Bop Along Buddies or other wonderful physical therapy props that we use, as directed by our physiotherapist consultant.

You bub will also explore a range of instruments that help develop eye-hand coordination, ulnar grasp, visual tracking, auditory tracking and many other developmental milestones.

Each week your bub will explore different musical sounds and instruments through playing a range of percussion instruments with you.

This includes a variety of shakers, bells and drums every week as well as a range of different instruments and props throughout the term.

All of these are carefully chosen to be developmentally appropriate and safe for babies by our music therapists and consultant occupational therapist.

Meet other families and make new friends.

Many Boppin’ families meet after music in nearby playgrounds or park, or at a nearby coffee shop where we have special arrangements.

We also host social events and parent workshops throughout the year where you can get together as friends.

Wondering how young your baby can start music? Read Miss Vicky’s blog.

Boppin’ Babies: Newborns to 12 months

Enjoy a beautiful, gentle, relaxing and nurturing environment that focuses on fostering and supporting your relationship with your baby through musical play

Rockin’ Tots: 13 months to 2.5 years

What is a Rockin’Tot you ask? It is a tot that rocks of course! This age group has a greater focus on making music with the whole body and playing a wider range of instruments.

Mini Mus-Ohs: 2.5 to 3.5 years

For older toddlers who are ready to explore music and their world in more sophisticated ways using their imaginations, and are mini musicians in the making of course!

Pre-Prep Rockstars: 3.5 to 4 years+

A super fun group with lots of creative play, school readiness activities and for the first time some formal music early learning to the program.

Combo: Mixed age children’s music groups

We offer mixed age groups, depending on the location (see timetable). This is particularly attractive for families who want their children to stay together in the music group.

Music Beat Kids weekly kids music classes for children and parents are charged in 10 week terms, payable in advance.

Our Music Early Learning Program is offered at Holland Park and Nundah. Groups run for 40 minutes and numbers are limited to 12 families per music group (one parent / guardian + one child). If you want to book more that one child please email us at [email protected]

Our music classes are age specific offering the opportunity for children to participate in age appropriate activities in age appropriate ways. Please check our Age Group Guide before making a booking.

Pricing for 2024 is as follows:

  • Term Bookings: $225.00 inc GST for a 10 week term ($22.50 inc GST per child, per session) if you book for a 10 week term. You can also purchase a Term Booking at any time during the term and only pay for the remaining sessions at the reduced rate.
  • Casual Sessions: ‘Pay as you go’ or one-off session bookings are available for $25.00 inc GST per child, per session (space allowing)
  • $20 Session Trial: if you want to ‘try before you buy’ you can join us for a $20 inc GST per child Trial session. One trial session per family. If you want to continue enjoying music with us then you must either purchase a Term Booking or Casual Session.

Please also note that if a lockdown is declared during the term we will offer Online classes instead. We cannot offer credits. Make up classes cannot be guaranteed due to Covid-related restrictions. Please note that makeup classes are not guaranteed and are subject to availability.

You can join a class at anytime during the term and you will only be charged for the remaining number of sessions of the term. Your fee will be automatically calculated for you when you Register.

Please ensure that you have read our online Terms & Conditions before booking.

Any questions? Please email us at [email protected]

Join us for a trial!

Enjoy a $20 trial session (inc GST) if you are new to Kids Music Beat and would like to experience our music groups in action.

You’ll be joining our regular Boppers so it’s a great opportunity for you to experience Kids Music Beat, meet our group leaders, and see the smiles and giggles as the children enjoy themselves.

But don’t take our word for it, read what our happy parents say about our program.

To register for a trial session, select your preferred day you’ll be directed to a booking form.  Choose ‘Trial – I want to try before I sign up’ from Select a Package and complete the registration form.

We look forward to welcoming you and your little bopper!