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In this blog Miss Vicky provides a guide for parents considering joining one of our Boppin’ Babies baby music groups around Brisbane.

Gathering Drum baby music groups

At Boppin’ Babies you can choose an age specific music group that focuses on the developmental and emotional needs of babies, toddlers and pre-schoolers.

Or you can choose a combo group which provides for the needs of children of mixed ages in the one setting.

Using live music allows us to follow the lead of the children and therefore adapt the program no matter what you choose.

This ensures all of the children are engaged and interacting musically throughout the session.

Our baby groups are about you and your bub

We offer a beautiful, gentle, relaxing and nurturing environment that focuses on you and your bub sharing a special time each week.

You get to take joy in making musical memories together, and take delight in watching your bub learn and grow through musical play.

We use music in a therapeutic way to support you as you navigate your way through parenting.

You will learn how to use music to support your well-being and your baby’s ongoing development both in our groups and in your home.

Miss Vicky and her colleagues have conducted research that shows that early shared music in the home led to significant improvements in vocabulary, numeracy, social and emotional skills in early childhood.

So our goal is to make you feel comfortable and confident making live music.

At Boppin’ Babies we offer a special shared time each week that you can then share in your own home.

You might also like to read Miss Vicky’s blog on how young can your baby start attending a music group.

Here’s a bit on the theory behind on what we do.

Music, attachment theory, music therapy and early childhood development

Our baby groups are based on attachment theory research, music therapy and early childhood development research and our knowledge of how music supports this.

We want you to enjoy being in the moment with your baby. We provide lots of musical moments that support and enhance your bond with your bub.

You’ll receive lots of information and tips on how music supports positive attachment and early development each week.

The concept of ‘communicative musicality’, the musical ways that adults interact with babies, informs why we use live and interactive music in our music therapy based program.

You learn through active participation how music supports early childhood development.

Drum fun baby music groups

Your baby is born ready to learn through music

Babies are amazing learners and they are born ready to learn through music.

In particular, they want to hear you singing to them.

That’s why our groups are voice led and live so that you can easily replicate this in the home.

We also have a structure based on well researched music therapy programs that we know supports child development.

This structure is repetitive, because again we know that babies learn through repetition. We balance this each week with new songs, activities, instruments and sensory props.

Each music group starts and ends with regulatory activities that help you better understand how music helps babies regulate. You will also learn how you can use it to stimulate, or soothe your baby at home.

Then we move onto the important business of making music without overstimulating your little one.

It is very important that babies receive appropriate sensory stimulation opportunities, but it equally important that they are not overstimulated.

This is why our program is multi-modal in its stimulation approach.

We provide plenty of space for you and bub to explore music together, make music, move to music as well as relaxing to music.

Just remember, this is a guide only. If you have any questions call us for a chat. You can also join us for a trial to see which group is the best fit for your family.













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