Music helping Little Miracles to thrive

For Ben and Vanessa Brown, parents of one year old twins Anabelle and Zavier who were born ten and half weeks premature, the twins’ lack of developmental progress at 6 months was concerning and stressful.

“At 6 months old, even the basic baby milestones like holding their heads up, rolling over were a struggle,” Vanessa said.

“We started going to Boppin’ Babies twice a week and I have been blown away by how much it has helped the twins develop.

“Both twins now can support their heads, sit, crawl, babble, sing along and even stand; their coordination is incredible and they engage and interact during the classes.

“The Mater premmie development clinic specialists are amazed by the huge leaps they’ve made, our babies are now ahead of expectations and thriving.

“The smiles and giggles watching them enjoy themselves while learning is simply priceless, not to mention the social skills and friendships they have made with other babies.”

Rachell Campbell almost didn’t attend her first Boppin’ Babies music group with one year old daughter Alyssa, who was born prematurely at 26 weeks.

“Alyssa was so cranky all morning, refused to nap and just flat out didn’t want to cooperate,” Rachell said.

“But the moment the music and singing started she was in her element. She laughed and giggled and bopped her way through her first lesson and was full of smiles for the rest of the day.

“Alyssa has been going to Boppin’ Babies since she was 10 months old and her interaction and coordination has improved so much; we spend a lot of time at home practicing with instruments.

“We are so excited to make Boppin’ Babies a regular part of her routine; Alyssa just loves her shaker that she got in the welcome bag from our first session.” Watch Alyssa here.

Alyssa, Anabelle and Zavier are three Mater Little Miracles that are enjoying the developmental benefits of music, which research shows provides babies and toddlers with many lasting social, emotional and cognitive advantages.

Boppin’ Babies founder Vicky Abad said having fun through musical play and helping children to meet important developmental milestones is central to the program.

“Boppin’ Babies is an inclusive and integrated program. Our masters qualified music therapists have extensive experience working with children with special needs in health care, disability and community settings,” Vicky said.

“We offer something truly unique for children’s music groups where we immerse children in a beautiful high quality live musical environment where they ‘learn’ about music by experiencing it, making it and being musical

“Research shows that participation in music groups helps children with early language development, builds motor skills as well as supporting social, emotional, cognitive and behavioural development,” she said.

Boppin’ Babies is proudly supporting the Mater Little Miracles 5ks Walk on Sunday 5 June 2016 to help seriously ill and premature babies at Mater.

Boppin’ Babies will offer free music groups at halfway point of the 5ks walk, located at Riverstage, from 10am to 11:30am. 

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