Parent Workshop: Self-regulation in young children

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All about attention, emotion, behaviour and sleep

We are very excited to announce that our next parent workshop will be on self-regulation in young children.

Have you ever wondered why we sing songs and play games with the children that include stopping and waiting? Or why the Big Boppers play so many musical games where they have to work together and use self-control to succeed (think parachutes and ducks here)?

These are all techniques to help little people learn how to regulate their own bodies and emotions, to become good self-regulators if you like!

So, what is self-regulation and why is it important for our Boppers? And importantly, how can you as parents use music to support it?

Join Miss Vicky on Wednesday 13 April and find out when world leading researcher Dr Kate Williams, from QUT presents an enlightening evening of information, research and practical tips you can take home.

Join us from 7:00 to 9:30pm to participate in this special event at the Chermside Centrepoint Church Hall.

Tickets are $10 per person to attend.

[fc cols=”small-12 medium-4 large-4″]Dr Kate Williams[/fc][fc cols=”small-12 medium-8 large-8″]

Dr Kate Williams is a lecturer at the School of Early Childhood, QUT.

Her research focusses on children’s development of self-regulation (sleep, emotion, attention, executive function) and the parenting, educational, and intervention contexts that support such, along with the developmental outcomes associated with children’s self-regulatory functioning.

Kate is also a Registered Music Therapist and so is interested in the role of active music participation in children’s development.


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