Dr Vicky’s US book tour

Dr Vicky Abad US book tour

Music Beat New York

In April 2018 Dr Vicky conducted a week long university book tour in the United States.

In 2017 Vicky launched her edited book The Economics of Therapy.

Due to popular demand, she has been invited, at her own expense, to present a number of workshops and seminars to music therapy students and clinicians over five days in the United States. All of Dr Vicky’s presentations were offered free of charge for all attendees and she was not paid to speak.

You can read more about Dr Vicky’s US trip at the Music Beat Blog.

You can also read F-Magazine’s article Musical Success.

Vicky has also been invited to present at an expert seminar in Canada later this year: Mapping the Musical Life-course. She will be one of 22 international experts from the fields of Music Education, Psychology of Music, Health Humanities, Community Music, Music Therapy, and Music Performance.

In other news, Vicky recently completed and was awarded her PhD in music early learning and music therapy. She did this while growing the Music Beat business, raising her daughter and caring for her husband after his cancer diagnoses and successful recovery from surgery.

Vicky was also invited to be a section editor in the Oxford Handbook of Early Childhood Music Learning and Development earlier this year. She spent a week with the other internationally acclaimed section editors planning the book and attending a research symposium on Translational Research in Music Early Learning and Development: Gains and Gaps.

And if she wasn’t busy enough, Dr Vicky has also taken up the reins as the President of the Australian Music Therapy Association.

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But for all of her academic achievements, her first love remains the children and families of the Kids Music Beat community. She is never happier than when she is  sitting on the floor making music with the children and their families.

Her passion for helping children and families to be Developing Every Day is at the heart and soul of all her research, and is what drives Music Beat Australia’s growth into therapy services and music lessons to support families along their musical journey.

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