Pre-Prep Rockstars rock Crocamole!

Crocamole Kids Music Beat Oct2017_featured

Miss Vicky and Pre-Prep Rockstars on Crocamole Season 3!

Waaaaay back in October 2017 (when we were still Boppin’ Babies) a crew from 10 Peach’s Crocamole stopped by one of our Pre-Prep Rockstars groups to film a segment for their Music episode.

Well, the wait is over and the episode has finally been uploaded to the Tenplay streaming platform!

We hope you thoroughly enjoy the mini flashback the episode will offer!

Unfortunately we only just found out this week that the episodes were going to air so we’re not sure when it will screen on 10 Peach.

But don’t worry, we have captured the Kids Music Beat segment on our YouTube channel

Feel free to share this link on social media so that your friends and family can also see our Pre-Pre Rockstars in action.

Our Pre-Prep Rockstars music groups are designed for children aged 3.5 to 4 + years of age and are a part of our Music Early Learning Program. These music groups are super fun with lots of creative play and school readiness activities.

We also begin to introduce some formal music education to the program.

We hope you enjoy!

You can also watch the full Crocamole S3, episode 12 by clicking the link below.

[button url=”–s3-ep-12″ target=”_self” color=”primary” size=”large”]Watch Full Episdoe[/button]


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