Sidney a boppin’ baby since birth


Two year old Sidney O’Brien has been a Boppin’ Baby since before she was born – Annerley mum Leanne was pregnant with her while big sister Georgia attended the popular music early learning program.

Now in Prep, Georgia attended Boppin’ Babies once a week from the age of around nine months until she was three and a half.

“I think music is great for kids,” said Leanne. “It really helps with their language, so where there’s an action song the activity matches the words like when ‘up, up, up’, is sung the kids raise their arms.

“It also socialises them in a safe environment. The music groups introduce them to concepts such as sharing when they have to pass on the instruments.

“It also gets them used to noise and activity which can be a big help with kids before they start kindy.

“The music groups provide very subtle cues for early education; children learn listening skills which can help them to take direction when they get to school.

“I really like that Boppin’ Babies groups are run by music therapists who are trained in early childhood education. They also play the music live which is great for getting the kids involved.

Boppin’ Babies founder Vicky Abad said Boppin’ Babies groups were not music lessons; rather music was used to help promote and support early childhood development.

“Our program uses music to build children’s confidence and social skills, enhance emotional regulation and sensory integration and support speech and language development, thinking skills and physical development.

“Parents participate in the music sessions with their children in singing, moving to music, playing instruments like shakers, drums, and chimes and improvising musical play.

“Our sessions have a relaxed and social atmosphere. Parents enjoy it as much as the kids as it’s a chance to get out of the house and make friends while attending our groups.”

Boppin’ Babies Term 2 groups will start at locations across Brisbane from Monday 20 April. Sessions are 45-minutes long and all music is played live and centred around the children.  The cost is $175 for a 10 week term, with casual spots available.

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