Music providing precious memories for Heron family

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Picture: Sarah Marshall/AAP

Here’s a lovely story that ran in The Courier-Mail on Friday 24 November about the wonderful healing power of music.

Sarah Heron has been bringing her daughter Bailey to Boppin’ Babies since Term 4 in 2016 when Bailey was just four months old.

She also brings along her dad Stuart, who has Alzheimer’s disease, for the family to share special time together.

Sarah started attending Boppin’ Babies while on maternity leave at the end of 2016 when Bailey was only four months old.

“Boppin’ Babies was the only program that I could find that took children from when they were babies,” she says.

“Bailey and I have been coming to Wynnum Boppin Babies ever since and to this day she loves her music time. She is a little groover and likes to have a dance.

“Given how musical they are I brought mum and dad along one or twice, and dad loved it so much he just kept coming. Dad now comes to music every week.”

“It’s our ‘special time’,” Sarah says. “It is time I can spend with my beautiful daughter and my dad. I will look back on these days with very fond memories.

At Boppin’ Babies we bring families together to make music and express their love for each other where words are not required.

Here’s the link to the Courier-Mail story

For the full story, read Miss Vicky’s Music Blog where Sarah shares her beautiful story with us.

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