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Dr Vicky Abad was special guest speaker at Burnie Brae and Hear & Say

Music Beat founder and Managing Director Dr Vicky Abad was busy this week with speaking engagements in the community.

She spoke at the Burnie Brae’s Mothers Day High Tea on Wednesday, and at Hear & Say on Friday.

Dy Vicky presented her research on the ways that families (with a requested focus on mothers) use music in the home.

“The organiser also asked me to reflect on how I used music as a mother in my own life and work,” she said.

“This really got me thinking and reflecting once again, on how I have built the Music Beat Australia business and researched in this area all because I became a mother.

“I had worked with families for many years as a music therapist, but becoming a mother was a pivotal moment in my personal and professional life.

“This one moment in time profoundly changed the way that I practice as a music therapist. And that little person left her mark deep in my heart that day.

“We love making music together still (though now it is more often me saying ‘go do your practice’). I am so grateful that she gave me the inspiration to build a business that would support more mums (and dads) to make music with their little ones too,” Dr Vicky said.

The speaking spots were all part of Music Beat’s commitment to providing a multi-faceted service, with music at its core, that supports and enhances the lives of families and communities, and helps everyone develop every day through music.

Miss Vicky is a Registered Music Therapist with extensive national and international clinical experience in paediatric and early intervention music therapy and music early learning.

She is a world leading authority in these areas who researches and lectures internationally in these fields.

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