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Five tips to help kids overcome stage fright

Why live music for kids rocks!

Why we like to shake it up at Boppin’ Babies

Share making music with your child

Developmental benefits of participating in music making

How marvelous is music for helping little brains to grow?

Joining Boppin’ Babies is one of the greatest things I have done for my twins’ development

It’s all about the (double) bass


Reading to baby

The benefits of reading to children

In this blog Award winning Brisbane children’s author Eileen O’Hely shares her thoughts on the benefits of reading to children. Like making music with your child,

Birralee Boppers

Musical Families Grow Together

At Kids Music Beat – the home of Boppin’ Babies – we believe that musical families grow together. One of the greatest personal rewards I


To be human is to be musical

Research shows us that bubs love it when you sing to them the most. And you are biologically hard wired to sing to your babies.

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