Five benefits of learning a musical instrument

Learning a musical instrument introduces skills that kids will take with them for life! At Music Beat Australia our philosophy is to be ‘developing every day’ to match the needs of the families and communities we support. We are all about instilling and supporting a lifelong love of music in our little boppers. As they […]

Dr Vicky’s Byron Fellowship 2018 Report


In August 2018, Music Beat Australia founder Dr Vicky Abad travelled to the United States for a week of inspiration and deep reflection when she took part in the 2018 Byron Fellowship. The 2018 program took place in Asheville, North Carolina from 29 July through 3 August. The program only accepts 20 participants year, and […]

Dr Vicky reports on her United States university book tour

In April 2018 Dr Vicky completed a week long networking and university book tour in the United States, presenting free of charge at 10 events across four days at three universities and covering four states! This included workshops for students, graduates, site visits, industry meetings, leadership meetings, networking and more. I had a fantastic holiday, […]

So much more than one hour of music a week

So Much More That A Music Group_featured

Wynnum West mum Sarah Heron has been bringing her daughter Bailey to Boppin’ Babies since Term 4 in 2016 when Bailey was just four months old. She also brings along her dad Stuart, who has Alzheimer’s disease, for the family to share special time together. In this blog Sarah shares her beautiful story with us. […]

Making sense of the sensory craze

Baby Sensory - touch- featured

It seems ‘sensory’ is the new black. The idea of sensory has gone mainstream in recent years. So much so that you might be getting the message that if you aren’t doing ‘sensory’ then you are not doing the best by your child. While it important that babies receive appropriate sensory stimulation to learn and […]

To be human is to be musical


Research shows us that bubs love it when you sing to them the most. And you are biologically hard wired to sing to your babies. I love this! Even though we don’t always think we are musically talented, we can tap into this little evolutionary gem and use music to connect with our bubbas and […]

It’s all about you and your baby

finger puppets baby music groups

In this blog Miss Vicky provides a guide for parents considering joining one of our Boppin’ Babies baby music groups around Brisbane. At Boppin’ Babies you can choose an age specific music group that focuses on the developmental and emotional needs of babies, toddlers and pre-schoolers. Or you can choose a combo group which provides […]

Banging the drum with baby good for development

Sharing music in the home with young children has lasting educational and developmental benefits, according to new research led by the University of Queensland. Shared music in the home is a passion of mine and one I research, as well as practice with my own child AND advocate through my business model. Boppin’ Babies is […]