Top 5 things to look for in a children’s music program

In this blog Dr Vicky shares the top 5 things parents should look for in a children’s music program. In our research work, our aim is to identify consistent traits or elements across different music early learning programs that lead to quality outcomes. Young children involved in music making with their loved ones is chief […]

Four ways children benefit from singing in a choir


Music is one of the greatest activities for young children With so many benefits, it is exciting to see programs like Music Beat making music accessible to young children and allowing them to experience the joys of music in their early years! The opportunity to meaningfully incorporate music into your life is invaluable, and this […]

The science behind the Hello Song

Boppin Babies hello song

One of the things I love most about making live music with Kids Music Beat families is hearing how my songs and ideas have become a part of their daily rituals and routines at home. These songs and activities are based on my research, or that of my colleagues in music therapy, music education and […]

How young can your baby start music?

Baby is ready for music at Boppin' Babies

When can my baby start music? I often get asked by parents ‘when can my baby start music?’  Is there an age when my baby is too young? The short answer to this is they are never too young to start music. Your baby is born ready for music. The longer answer is – it […]

Top musical instruments for babies and children

At Kids Music Beat – the home of Boppin’ Babies – we actively engage children in music making each week. We are passionate about you and your child experiencing the joy that is making music together. To do this, we use our voices, bodies, props and a range of quality instruments. As a professional musician, […]

So much more than one hour of music a week

So Much More That A Music Group_featured

Wynnum West mum Sarah Heron has been bringing her daughter Bailey to Boppin’ Babies since Term 4 in 2016 when Bailey was just four months old. She also brings along her dad Stuart, who has Alzheimer’s disease, for the family to share special time together. In this blog Sarah shares her beautiful story with us. […]

How to help your child gain confidence through musical play

Musical confidence

We have been asking parents what more they want to know about music and their little boppers, and also asking our staff what they love most about their jobs. We have put these together for you to provide this week’s tip – how to help your child gain confidence through musical play. This week, we […]

Musical Families Grow Together

Birralee Boppers

At Kids Music Beat – the home of Boppin’ Babies – we believe that musical families grow together. One of the greatest personal rewards I get from Kids Music Beat is watching the little Boppers grow and supporting families to use music as part of this journey. I love seeing these little tiny bubbas grow […]

Making sense of the sensory craze

Baby Sensory - touch- featured

It seems ‘sensory’ is the new black. The idea of sensory has gone mainstream in recent years. So much so that you might be getting the message that if you aren’t doing ‘sensory’ then you are not doing the best by your child. While it important that babies receive appropriate sensory stimulation to learn and […]

One of the world’s best Music Early Learning Programs

In July 2017 Miss Vicky presented at the 15th World Congress of Music Therapy in Japan.  She present her PhD research and launched her book – The Economics of Therapy – to an audience of 2,500 music therapists from all around the world.  She attended keynote presentations from the world’s leading music therapists and researchers, […]