Why we like to shake it up at Boppin’ Babies

Shakers are great for child development

  Yes, ‘just shakers’ are great for child development. At Boppin’ Babies we like  shaking instruments to live music every single week and there is very good reason for this! When children play with shaking instruments, they are not ‘just shaking’ they are learning about their bodies, about music and also about concepts. They are […]

Developmental benefits of participating in music making

Boppin' Babies music making

I was recently having a conversation with the lovely Lah-Lah about music making and the incredible and amazing benefits children experience when they are immersed in a live musical environment. There are so many wonderful things happening when kids experience music live, so let’s start with the obvious. The many developmental benefits for children when […]

It’s all about the (double) bass

The benefits of live music making at Boppin’ Babies I am passionate about providing all children with the opportunity to make music. Making music together is a strong part of our cultural identity. Traditionally this music was always live, sung by parents to children, played on pianos by grandparents or guitars by dads around BBQs. […]

Music makes unborn babies dance in the womb

We have long known the unborn babies can hear music and sounds from outside of the womb, as well as sounds within the mother’s body, like her heartbeat. Recent research suggests that unborn babies respond to music 10 weeks earlier than previously believed. In this research, three-dimensional images showed foetuses opening their mouths and sticking […]

Banging the drum with baby good for development

Sharing music in the home with young children has lasting educational and developmental benefits, according to new research led by the University of Queensland. Shared music in the home is a passion of mine and one I research, as well as practice with my own child AND advocate through my business model. Boppin’ Babies is […]