“Special time” with my beautiful daughter and my dad

Bailey and I have been coming to Wynnum Boppin’ Babies since she was only months old and to this day she looooves her music time.. she is a little groover and likes to have a dance.

My dad (Bailey’s Pa) comes every week with us and has Alzheimer’s. He has really started to deteriorate over the last 12months but during music I see his eyes light up and it takes him back to the days he used to play in bands himself.

Miss Kate is amazing with the kids and Boppin’ Babies should be so proud to have staff like her.

Boppin’ Babies means so much more to our family than 1hr of music a week.

It is time I can spend with my beautiful daughter and my dad. It’s our “special time”. I will look back on these days with very fond memories.

I just wanted to say a big thanks and send huuuuuge love to Miss Kate.

- Sarah Heron