He adores Miss Vicky’s ducks!

My daughter started doing Boppin Babies when she was 1 year old when it came to her childcare centre in 2013. She loved it every week & we would see photos after every session of her playing her shakers & dancing. I started my son in the program at 9 months & he enjoyed it so much that we had Miss Kassie run a Boppin Babies 1st birthday party. Now that I am on maternity leave, I take my son to the community centre session at Chermside so I can enjoy it with him. He enthusiastically shakes his shakers, bounces on the big balls & adores Miss Vicky’s ducks!

My 3rd baby will certainly attend Boppin Babies later this year. I love that this is an activity I can do with my children & be involved in, knowing that they’re having a great time.

- Grace