Evie always looks forward to her “Bop, Bop” lesson with “Bicky”

We’ve been attending Boppin’ babies for a year now and love it! Vicky’s musical talent and her enthusiasm creates a safe, warm, fun and welcoming experience for all the children and their parents and carers.

As a teacher myself, I appreciate the child led approach to the lessons. Whilst a specifically developed program is covered, If my Evie heads for the puppets, Vicky’s lesson flexibility means that Five little ducks, or her favourite – the bee song, is sung next!

Vicky appreciates how tricky it can be to keep a busy toddler engaged, and adapts her lesson to suit. A range of songs, activities, movement and equipment not only help to develop a love of music, but aid in the little ones developing balance, coordination and self regulation. The new bop along buddy animals are a big hit!

Evie always looks forward to her “Bop, Bop” lesson with “Bicky” It’s a highlight of the week! The stickers and stamps are much anticipated too

- Kathryn