Self-care during Covid-19

Reflections of a full time working parent during a global pandemic “You can’t pour from an empty cup” – Norm Kelly Good on ya Norm! How true this statement is! As parents well know, being everything and keeping it together for the sake of your children and family is a full time job in itself. […]

How music helped me cope with postnatal depression

To mark Queensland Mental Health Week (5-13 October 2019) Kids Music Beat group leader Miss Megan shares her story of how music helped her cope with postnatal depression and bond with her baby. Have you ever wondered what it’s really like for other parents? What is happening behind the scenes of those cute little Instagram […]

Our musical journey through parenthood and early childhood


In this blog, Kids Music Beat Group Leader Miss Megan shares her journey to becoming a musical parent. When your toddler loves to sing, no task can be accomplished without song Whenever our toddler sees a shark, whether it be a shark at the aquarium or a dolphin sticker that looks like it could be […]

Baby sleep tips – 5 tips for a peaceful night’s sleep


Does your baby or toddler wake you many times during the night? Do you have more than one child, with each waking you at different times? Does unbroken sleep seem like a distant memory? Then this checklist of five baby sleep tips is for you! Night waking can happen for many reasons, from medical conditions […]

Baby bedtime tips – 10 tips for a peaceful bedtime


Do you dream of a peaceful bedtime where you say goodnight to your baby or toddler without a peep? Do you think about, talk about, focus on (at times obsessing) over sleep?  Do you worry about how little sleep your little one is getting (or not getting), how they are going to sleep, how often […]

Tips for using music with kids


Babies are hard wired to respond to music. In utero they are aware of the pitch and contour of their mother’s voice. Their mother’s heart beat is their very first experience of rhythm. And you’ve probably all seen your toddlers and preschoolers bounce around to music and shake or drum on anything they can get […]

An unexpected beautiful act of giving

Howard Baby Grand

One of the things I love most about my work is the fact that I am giving the gift of music every moment of every day to families. And what a wonderful gift it is to gift. Research shows that music helps little brains to learn and grow, as well as supporting families to lead […]

How to help your child gain confidence through musical play

Musical confidence

We have been asking parents what more they want to know about music and their little boppers, and also asking our staff what they love most about their jobs. We have put these together for you to provide this week’s tip – how to help your child gain confidence through musical play. This week, we […]

How to nurture a healthy relationship with food

The Healthy Dad

Sean Cornish ‘The Healthy Dad’ is a daddy bopper, personal trainer and dietitian. He is father to a two year old with another little one on the way. Sean’s mission is to improve children’s relationship with food by helping parents navigate the information overload about healthy eating. You can check out the Healthy Dad blog […]