Top 5 things to look for in a children’s music program

In this blog Dr Vicky shares the top 5 things parents should look for in a children’s music program. In our research work, our aim is to identify consistent traits or elements across different music early learning programs that lead to quality outcomes. Young children involved in music making with their loved ones is chief […]

The science behind the Hello Song

Boppin Babies hello song

One of the things I love most about making live music with Kids Music Beat families is hearing how my songs and ideas have become a part of their daily rituals and routines at home. These songs and activities are based on my research, or that of my colleagues in music therapy, music education and […]

When to move from the bubs to the toddlers group

Boppin Babies Rockin' Tots

Boppin’ Babies offers age specifc babies toddlers music groups. In this blog Miss Vicky provides a guide for parents on when to move their little bopper from a Boppin’ Babies to a Rockin’ Tots music group. At Boppin’ Babies we believe you should decide what group is best for you and your bopper. We offer […]

Why we like to shake it up at Boppin’ Babies

Shakers are great for child development

  Yes, ‘just shakers’ are great for child development. At Boppin’ Babies we like  shaking instruments to live music every single week and there is very good reason for this! When children play with shaking instruments, they are not ‘just shaking’ they are learning about their bodies, about music and also about concepts. They are […]