For Registered Music Therapists and students

At Music Beat we provide a range of excellent instruments and props for you to choose from to build your professional kit. We provide you with a choice in both range, durability and price.

We support Registered Music Therapists and Music Therapy students in their practice by providing this range of products to you to purchase with a discount when you place a minimum order.

How do I secure a RMT or MT student discount?

When you place a minimum instrument order of $110.00 (excluding postage) you will receive a discount of 10%. All you need to do is email us with your student or registration details and we will send you a coupon code so you can received your discount. That way you can pay it yourself or have your workplace pay if you wish.

Most products on the website are for children – can you supply me with resources for working with adults?

While we used to source instruments for adult populations, we are now sticking with what we know best… littlies. Sorry.

Can you put together a kit for group work in early intervention and will it be discounted?

Yes and yes. We have some set kits on the website which will give you some suggestions, but ultimately we like to personalise our service to you. So please get in touch and tell us about your needs and your budget and we’ll design something that suits… just for you. Email us at [email protected]