Stephanie Stewart-Smith

MELP Group Leader

Music Teacher

Miss Stephanie is a vocalist and pianist. She is a MELP Group Leader with Music Beat Kids and is also a piano teacher with Music Beat Lessons + Tuition.

Music began for her with classical piano and it has been a wonderful and continual journey from there, to where she has developed true understandings and appreciation for many origins, styles and genres of music.

She holds a Bachelor of Music majoring in contemporary vocal performance. Since graduating, Stephanie has immersed herself in a band pursuing her singer/songwriter dream! The effect music performance has had on her, and what she sees in listeners, is something she is passionate about. Hence her decision in pursuing Music Therapy.

Outside of her work/study/ music ambitions, she is all about enjoying life and taking it by the horns! She has the travel bug, loves music festivals, gigs, bird watching, food festivals and any excuse at all to get out in Mother Nature!

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