There are many benefits for attending a music class with your child, the most important being that you and your child will have a special fun time shared together each week. In addition to this you will pick up great tips on how you can use music in your day to day parenting at home.

For babies, music has been shown to support neurologic, emotional and early language development. Baby groups provide little people with opportunities to interact musically with you and other babies, and to explore a musically rich environment.

For toddlers, there are many benefits beyond having fun.

Music has been shown to support development in the following areas:

This includes recent research that also supports the use of music in early childhood through learning programs to improve self-regulation and sensory integration.

For pre-schoolers, music helps young children to:


At Music Beat Kids, all of our music is played live and is voice led. This is because research supports the use of live voice led music when working with children under 5 years of age. It also allows the children to be the focus of the session, as our staff interact musically in ways that are meaningful to the children in the moment.

Music Beat Kids is informed by empirical research in music therapy and music education. Our program is constantly updated and our staff highly qualified and trained in order to provide the very best for your children.