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Bop Along Buddies  -  Digger The  Dog

Inflatable Animal Bouncers a fun way to help children develop their balance, co-ordination, core strength and self  confidence as well as  great  exercise! These original Bop Along Buddies are high quality and well made and encourage wonderful imaginative play. Babies can use these with your help, and toddlers can practice independence by bouncing themselves with your supervision. Pre-schoolers can play games and practice the core-strength and independence as well.

Digger  the  Dog is easy to care for and designed to assist in the development of key motor skills and body movement areas. He is the perfect addition to any family.

Chocolate brown in colour & with great big ears to hang on to, bright big eyes to love & a super sized nose perfect for planting kisses.

Measuring a comfortable 52cm Length x 43cm Height and with a seat height of 24cm


Active music making can support family relationships and stimulate children's cognitive, motor and social development. And, it's fun!