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Baby Shaker

Bubs  first  shaker/  maraca - These little  shakers/maracas are perfect for little ones as they are easy for little hands to grasp and manipulate. They are not heavy or difficult to move and they are easy to clean. The vibrant colours and transparent casing makes them visually stimulating and encourages visual tracking.  They make a lovely gentle sound so they will not overstimulate your little ones. Rather, they will provide you and bub opportunities to play and interact musically together. They also help to encourage the development of hand eye co-ordination and bi-lateral co-ordination as your bub gets older.


Note:  There are  small beads  inside,  supervision is  required at  all times  and regular inspection of  the  musical instrument is  needed


Active music making can support family relationships and stimulate children's cognitive, motor and social development. And, it's fun!