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Music Through the Day: A resource pack for families with young children and professionals working with families (includes CD)

Sing & Grow and Playgroup Queensland.


So you want to know how you can use music to stimulate happy family times, child development and a great atmosphere in your home or early childhood centre? This is the perfect kit for you.

It contains 10 double-sided A4 laminated resource cards with magnets so you can display them if you like. You also receive the Sing & Grow Together CD mentioned in the cards with ideas on how to use it.

Each card covers a different part of your daily routine and provides you with song ideas to try, tips and ideas, directs you to tracks on the CD that might be useful and gives you easily accessible information about why and how music can be a useful tool at these times. The cards are:

...Music for Hello & Goodbye

...Music for Daily Activities

...Music for Re-Directing

...Music for Change Time

...Music and Meal Time

...Music for Learning Language

...Music for Instrument Time

...Music for Small Movements

...Music for Big Movements

...Music for Calming and Sleeping


There are 20 wonderful tracks on the CD, appropriate for newborns through to preschoolders. The structure of the CD follows that which early childhood music therapists use to stimulate child development and family bonding. The first section has wondeful renditions of your favourite actions songs (Twinkle, Baa Baa, Incy Wincy etc). 


The second section encourages listening, concep comprehension, body part awareness, and movement to music.


The third section has tracks to accompany instrrumental play. Grab some of our instruments to play along! 


The final section has a selection of soothing lullaby songs to bring down the energy. Perhaps put them on 'repeat' at rest time.... it has been done many times before!!



The CD jacket contains all of the lyrics plus information on how the different sections of the CD stimulate positive child development.



This great resource package was designed and produced by a team of highly qualified and experience early childhood music therapists (including Kids Music Beat Director Kate Williams). THIS SHOULD BE ESSENTIAL READING AND LEARNING FOR ALL EARLY CHILDHOOD PROFESSIONALS and A MUST-HAVE GIFT FOR NEW PARENTS.

You might also be interested in our resourcee booklet: Making Music Time a Success which leads you through ways in which to lead a great early childhood music seession even if you have no prior music training (see the website).



Active music making can support family relationships and stimulate children's cognitive, motor and social development. And, it's fun!