World Music Day: Four Reasons to Celebrate Music Education

The benefits of music are alive and well this World Music Day.

Celebrated this 21 June, World Music Day was created 38 years ago in Paris, France. Now, the festival is celebrated internationally each year as musicians young and old take to the streets to share their craft together.

With World Music Day around the corner, great time to reflect on how powerful music can be, especially when considering the role music education plays in childhood development. Numerous scientific studies have positively correlated studying and playing music with positive non-musical outcomes, which means that their time spent in music class and lessons is doing more than encouraging their talent. Here are four science-backed reasons to celebrate music education:

  1. Raises grades and standardized test scores: Studying an instrument has been linked to improvements in science, history, math, and English grades as well as higher standardized test scores.
  2. Encourages emotional management and fosters joy: Playing and learning about music is linked to early maturation of a part of the brain which facilitates emotional management, allowing kids to stay calm and handle anxiety. Simply listening to music has been scientifically shown to increase feelings of overall happiness.
  3. Teaches ability to plan and encourages perseverance: Studying an instrument is associated with both an improved ability to create a plan and an increase in perseverance, both of which are necessary skills for success.
  4. Safeguards against future brain disease: A link has been discovered between instrumental training in childhood and reduced rates of dementia and other cognitive impairments occurring at an advanced age.

The list of ways music education can help kids is long, but We The Parents have created a beautiful and concise infographic matching 17 benefits to the studies that back them. Check it out.

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