Tell us your story. A call for Guest Bloggers

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Call for guest bloggers

Do you have a story to tell? We are looking for amazing parents and business owners to share their insights, inspiration and expertise with the Music Beat  community.

Tell us your story! Guest bloggers wanted

At Music Beat our philosophy is to be ‘developing every day’ to match the needs of the families and communities we support.

We are dedicated to helping you connect with your musical self and to make music a part of your everyday life; to support your little ones as they grow, learn and develop to reach their potential no matter their abilities.

Our Music Beat Blog publishes practical and useful articles for expecting, new and experienced parents. When we started we aimed to present noteworthy tips and resources for all things musical for your baby, toddler and child.

But it has become so much more than just a blog; it is a community brimming with amazing stories and insights.

And we want to continue to build our community around our shared love of music and ‘developing every day’.

So we want to hear from you!

What should you write about?

The Music Beat blog focuses on six key areas: Tips for Parents, Music Early Learning, Parent Testimonials, the Musical Parent, Music Therapy and Music Lessons.

We love blog posts that give practical advice to parents to help them with challenges, or inspirational posts to help keep them motivated. Below are some great guest posts from the past:

If you would like to write on a topic—or know someone who would make a great guest blogger—we want to hear from you!

If you are a local business we’d love hear about the services you provide for expecting and new mums, as well as parents and families. Keep it educational and informative – nobody likes a hard sell!

Music Beat Blog Style Guide

Submissions should meet these guidelines:

  • 400-800 words
  • Content that is original and authored by you (see below)
  • No sales pitches, please. Let’s keep it educational and inspirational
  • Images must be in .jpg or .png format and no larger than 1200 pixels wide (but don’t be too hung up on this, send us what you have an we can resize them)

Music Beat reserves the right to edit and turn down posts, of course, but guest bloggers will get a byline and links to their site. We will help you revise any rough drafts or ideas you may have!

Posts must be educational or inspirational. We’ll include a link to your website or your blog in the bio at the end of the post.

All content must be exclusive to the Music Beat Blog, original and authored by you. You may use ideas and concepts you have written about previously as long as the content itself is new and unique.

You may also post a snippet on your blog that directs people to the post, linking back to our blog.

Get in touch

To write for the Music Beat blog simply send an email expressing your interest to [email protected]

Please let us know your name, if you’re a current Music Beat family, or the name of your business and the services you provide (if applicable).

And the topic you’d like to write about of course!

We can’t guarantee that all those who get in will be able to write for us, but we’ll definitely review all emails we receive and keep you in mind any time we need more guest bloggers!

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