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Preschool gift set

This gift set is ideal for children three years and older(approximately). Included is:

1 pair of mini egg maracas

1 star tambourine

1 harmonica or mouth organ

1 sturdy plastic animal castanet

(Please note these quantities differ from the picture)

This is great value for money with you saving on usual prices. There is enough in the kit to have the littlie dancing and playing along to their own tunes, or those on the radio or CD in no time.

Our gift sets have been especially designed by a Registered Music Therapist specialising in child development. Each set is designed with the age and stage of development of children in mind with the aims of promoting the motor and cognitive skills appropriate for that stage... and of course lots of fun!

In this set the castanet will support the development of fine motor skills in the fingers that will be needed for correct pencil grasp as children grow. The harmonica will encourage breath support which aids in clear vocal communication. The handles on the egg shakers require a finer grasp of older children than is found in the instruments in our toddler and baby gift packs. The star tambourine will make your littlie feel like a 'real grown up musician' and can be struck, shaken and generally danced with!

This is easy, convenient, unique and educational gift giving at its best.

Colours and types of each instrument will vary.... it'll be a nice surprise!


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Active music making can support family relationships and stimulate children's cognitive, motor and social development. And, it's fun!