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Lets Make  Music  -   CD

designed by Registered Music Therapist   Karen   Richmond

Let's Make Music is a interactive music session, designed by Registered Music Therapist Karen Richmond, and recorded here on CD so that you can join in and participate in the comfort of your own home. It can also be used as an excellent early childhood resource in your classroom.

The package includes a CD, lyrics and instruction booklet, colour song resources and structure cards in a funky little bag!

This CD has been designed for parents or care givers to share music time with their pre-school aged children. It has songs to encourage bonding, body awareness, concept learning, physical and social skills and many more. ‘Let’s Make Music’ is also a perfect resource for children with disabilities as it allows for response times and works on numerous goals areas while having fun with music.

The 12 page colour booklet is included to maximise the potential of the CD. The booklet includes lyrics to all the songs, goal areas that each song addresses, and suggestions of how to lead each song and activity.

These cards have been originally designed and drawn by artist Dan Murphy to accompany the Colour Song on Track 8. As the children hear what colour is being sung they can find the corresponding colour and pull it off its background. These colourful and vibrant cards are a great size for individual and group work.

These cards are designed and drawn by artist Dan Murphy. You can put them up in the order of your session so the children know what is coming next. Structure boards are used frequently in special education settings and therefore are a great resource to use in your music session or classroom too.

Having these cards included means you can change the order to what you like, selecting tracks according to your structure, and you could allow the children to choose the structure by offering them a choice of activity using the cards. This adds a goal of choice making and control to your music time.

This CD runs in order of a music session designed by a Registered Music Therapist.
1 Hello Song
2 Move and Groove - dance
3 Rock Band - instruments
4 Play dough Song - fine motor
5 Ball Song - gross motor
6 Show Me - instruments
7 Show Me - backing track
8 Colour Song - academic concepts
9 Colour Song - backing track
10 Chillax - relaxation
11 Goodbye Song

Karen Richmond is a Registered Music Therapist who has been working in the field of early intervention and special education for 15 years. She is excited to start producing this series of Groovin CD’s with ‘Let’s Make Music’ featuring as the first volume.


Active music making can support family relationships and stimulate children's cognitive, motor and social development. And, it's fun!