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Bop Along Buddies  -  Pickles The Pig

Another great inflatable  animal bouncer that will get children active and using their imaginations in play.

Suitable for children from 1-8 it has the ability to be blown up larger than the other animals in our range.
With max measurements of 63cm long, by 43 cm floor to top of ear. Her saddle sits 30cms off the floor and at max is around 23 cms wide.
This extra size gives her the ability to allow older or taller children the comfort when riding but yet can still be inflated to suit the younger children in the family.
Made from child friendly PVC, she will be loads of fun whilst offering the benefits of balance, core strength and co-ordination training.


Active music making can support family relationships and stimulate children's cognitive, motor and social development. And, it's fun!