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Kids Music Beat Music Rings are colourful like a rainbow and handmade. They are an excellent resource for music education and therapy. These rings are beautiful to touch and look at and provide a range of sensory experiences as well as opportunities to learn physical, cognitive, sensory, emotional and social skills. The rings can be used to encourage circle sitting in groups and provide a physical boundary for children to sit in/around. They also provide an excellent prop for circle dances, such as Hockey Pokey or other songs as the children hold onto the ring and move together in a circle to complete the songs. They can be used to encourage concept comprehension and to learn about colours. Physical coordination and grasp can be practised and reinforced as part of the social activities. For children with sensory processing needs the rings are tactile and provide opportunities to work on sensory integration. There are many other wonderful uses and the rings come in three sizes to suit small, medium and large groups of children.

Small groups - 4 metres (5-6 children)


Active music making can support family relationships and stimulate children's cognitive, motor and social development. And, it's fun!