Developing a music therapy kit for use with adult clients

Developing a music therapy kit for use with adult clients

The range of settings that RMTs may work in with adult populations is as diverse the clients and needs found in those settings. Palliative care, rehabilitation, mental health, aged and dementia care, disability... The list goes on. Equally, therapeutic goal areas and techniques selected by music therapists will vary greatly. For these reasons, Music Beat has developed a catalogue that sets out a range of instrument options, each listed and detailed individually so that music therapists may select only those that apply to them. There will never be the perfect ‘kit’ for music therapists working with adults, and so no attempts to recommend how many of each item could be purchased have been made.

 A number of instruments  from African cultures have been included purposefully. This is because these items can add interest and diversity to a  kit of typically Western tuned and untuned percussion instruments. It may be that adult clients will also be more willing to get in and have a go at instruments that are outside the traditional type things they would have seen at school or seen performed by professionals. These are also instruments that are easy to make sound good together if group work is a potential setting. Some make a sound at the slightest movement (seed shakers for example), whilst other require a bit more motivation and exertion (like the djembe).

 For music therapy students or new RMTs beginning to build up their resources, it is suggested that you consider a range of items from the general categories of hitting, shaking, tuned, untuned, using the hand and using a beater. Considerations might also include the degree of fine or gross motor skills, motor planning and energy required to play the instruments to ensure that a range of requirements is represented within the kit. Many of these items are also versatile and translate to younger age groups. If you are working across the age range then you will find many of these additions to your kit will work from special school to private practice, to adult work.

The prices  included do not include discounts applicable to RMTs and music therapy students and nor do they include freight which can be quoted on prior to purchase.

Please email to be sent your copy of the adult kit catalogue.



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